39 Horses My Mom Loved ONLINE
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The First Horse

"Ring        for me shattered
epiphany.  Let your road-kill legs
clank            on sacks of nails rusting powdered-bone feet.
Stomp                                                          into the dawn
                                                               so the sun
                                                               might warm
               your fractured
as it reveals                                                  details
             we all have missed
                                                               and are happy
to be               without."

                                              -Codename Nova and the Flaming Suit

On Monday, I go to work with flowers in my hair.
Bees fly past my eyes not knowing
I can see them before I fee their assault on my scalp.

In the back room I ask Kevin what he thinks about my hair.
He says that to be part of my dream he would have to make it his own.
I blow a petal off my shoulder and tell him not to bother.

Kevin's head looks like a desert.

During my                Trouble              One night, as            My parents found me
boyhood                  were the mornings    I sat                    upright
I had                    my parents           peering                  in
an aquarium              would find me        through the glass I saw  the morning
that I had               fast                 an anonymous             staring
filled                   asleep beside it     bug turn                 at the remains
with rocks and insects.  on the floor.        circles.                 of a cocoon.

Last night I watched a movie about shrinking children on a small black and white box in the lobby of the Black Hawk Hotel. The movie seemed different that the way I remembered it- the children did not leap and tumble or yell excitedly- they just stood there staring at the top of the screen, their jaws dangling pendulums on slowly ticking cuckoo clocks. It was hilarious!