39 Horses My Mom Loved ONLINE
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A Set Of Instructions On How You Can Contribute (to the war effort)
Take a pick of Sundays overfull of repast.

Prick it until, over the pasture, Sunday is bursting.

Gaze with a faceless family of thousands, mouth gaping open- you are in a hall of mirrors.

Be open.

Your mouth is, visible through the crowd's trembling "Awe" hanging low- hanging low in the air.  Hanging low, you gaze upward.  Your eyes gazing above the mist.  They are yours, they are pushing.
(awww) against the grasses into the sky at the glass explosions over head.

Your head.

Gaze.  It should start as a minute crack; seemingly slowly dividing your mouth gaping out at the sky- a
trickle of winter's honey trickling from your nose, dividing your mouth into two asymmetrical mouths.
both gaping
in awe.

Your mouth, two of them.

Awwwwwwwww.... ....

An international hiccup and then
simultaneous sigh
and the sky is raining
a crystalline twinkle
each shard a landscape
of a lake reflecting two wroms
kissing as they
pantomime a grandiose arch.

Deposit any wood based items you might have and then leave.