39 Horses My Mom Loved ONLINE
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Emily's father remembers the atomic fruit he once was before he made his bed in the sleeping sow's teeth
On Saturday
He shoots off the television, removing its pastel flesh-tone front, and stands,
his knees joining his mouth in a crackling cursing of the lack of a reflecting channel.

(Back in a time before trembling in a rubber cocoon
His powers are unfathomable
He has invincible goals
Energy loves him)

Q. What was the name of the spindly maggotling who's puffy latex scabs leaked as it crawled
munching on that apple of ideal on its way to the chair where it left its core to rot?
A. It is there still today feeding the upholstery.

He finds a mirror and sees
a falling desert, sands stuck in dream
(The tornado didn't take place as the the weather folk said it would)
washing slowly on the shores of daily existence, parched

Rain bounces boisterously off the rubber outside
how to feel that there's water there
                             (<-A seam)Perhaps there's a seam
how to lose these cracked lips 
in the petroleum smoke bath
He super-imposes a purple cape and glasses covering his slumped shoulders and
dull unforgiven eyes, repectively