View From The Mezzanine

Theopolis Ridge

All beings are not beings but marionettes of beings made of String. All things are not things. All things are marionettes of things made of String.

Within all things, within all beings are extra-dimensional puppeteers; crouching, surrounded by a curtain of String. When we look through human eyes, this is what we see: the curtain, the cocoons- marionettes made of String. When we look from the Mezzanine, we see the husks blooming inwards, the String flowing to its source.

Sometime, the world is not this way. Then, the puppeteers are in silence, and there is nothing where we are. Then, one wishes the others to know of an idea. So, forth flowing from the mouth of the puppeteer comes String, bearing the idea, the idea of an Elephant. This has happened. This is still happening today.

In the nothing where we are, the Elephant comes to be- the concept communicated from one puppeteer to another. Other puppeteers have things to say about the Elephant and so, from their mouths Strings are formed. These Strings add trunk and tail and prompt the Elephant to lumber. Conversation continues, more Strings issue forth and ground formed for the Elephant to trample, trees spoken of and grown for the Elephant to eat, water flows and burbles like language for the Elephant's bath. All of these things are not things, but marionettes of things made of String. All of these things are parts of the conversation, the story, of the extra-dimensional puppeteers. Remember the song:

One Elephant went out to play
Upon a spider's web one day
He had such enormous fun
That he called for another Elephant to come

So, the world of the Elephant is our world, spoken from within. We call the world of the Elephant The Spoken World so we remember we are speech. The puppeteers tell us, tell everything, from within. Their conversation is a growth, a blooming of the world- starting at the Elephant and continuing with The Spoken World. They tell us, through String, into substance, like the Elephant, and we are colored by the String of their voices.

This telling is a growth. Returning from the telling, too, is a growth. As it is a returning, we say it is inverted, and the path we take is the crocus. The inward growth away from the telling, then, is The Inverted Crocus. If The Spoken World is a story, then, The Inverted Crocus is a growth beginning in the details of one character's convoluted motivation , back into the realm of plot, through theme, resting, perhaps, in the initial story conception, or whatever the stream of vague intuition is from whence it sprung.

Perhaps this is where the puppeteers are. Perhaps we are, ourselves, puppeteers, our bodies our trademark marionettes. Perhaps we can control it from afar even as we inhabit its form and experience The Spoken World through its Elephant like body. To do so is to dwell in The Mezzanine Room; the space within which we can look out upon our lives as we live them.

Rooms need walls. Marionettes of rooms made of String need walls made of String. So, too, do those would-be puppeteers who would live in The Spoken World as an Elephant being as they manipulate its Strings and see its entirety need the walls for this state, this Mezzanine Room.

The four walls of The Mezzanine Room are as follows: The Wall of The Inverted Crocus from whence spews The Wall of String from whence is woven The Wall of the Elephant which supports The Spoken World which inspires one to grow along the inverted path.