View From The Spoken World: Steps to Speak

Theopolis Ridge

Communication is, by its nature, deception. The puppeteers violated the Inverted Crocus for the purpose of communication through String. However, whatever they show each other is false. A thing is not a thing, but a marionette of a thing made of String. And yet, a marionette may tell stories of its master, thus, the wall of occlusion is both a wall of truth and lies, illusion and the communication of intent.

Through the act of defining, explaining, and displaying the world of Elephant-like forms, it is changed. As a thing becomes less its original self, it becomes more perceptible to everything else. By becoming visible, a thing's essence fades away.

A freshman orator, ready to speak the world, first learns to hear. Emotions become like colors, as plain and visible as statement. When someone lies, an alert orator will know it. Light and dark become details to the orator's eyes, and so, she will never be blind. Sound, similarly, can be enhanced to her ears so that any whisper may find its way to his knowing.

Perception becomes her playground. He may take the world as she wishes, regarding its input however he likes.

The orator now knows how to overlay what she perceives upon the world at large. All things perceived by others may be amplified or decreased at his will. So, too, may emotions be strengthened or weakened.

The ultimate expression of the sum total of all the puppeteer's conversation, the weather, may now be explicated. By examining the component words of the climate, what it will do next becomes predictable.

Then it is when the world is seen how the orator wills it to be seen. Visage becomes a plaything and the emotions of others mere toys. And it's fun!

Small phenomena may be brought from nothing. Flashes and beeps, a tap on the shoulder, a whiff of bacon. These weren't there before, but they can now be so when the orator speaks.

Using meteorological predictions, the orator then may act to influence what comes later. Tomorrow's rain may be lighter than expected. The wind may shift and the sun will shine for a bit before it sets.

Light can be heard, sound tasted, the senses are interchangeable. Localized phenomena are subject to the orators will. Fire may be spoken, lightning hissed into being, and the rain will come when the orator's ready.

The orator is adept at telling stories and they all have the potential of becoming true. By telling a story about an event, the probability of it coming to pass as the orator describes it becomes more likely.

When the orator speaks, the weather listens. Longer stories become more certain of finding reality. The orator may stir the masses or settle them down into sleep.