Chance Encounter

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Curtis Magnum

Curtis Magnum- Baritone

Curtis Magnum. Say it, go ahead, say it out loud. Curtis Magnum. Now you know why he's the unofficial leader of Chance Encounter. Curtis Magnum.

Way back in the dog days, it was Curtis Magnum who came up with the idea for Chance Encounter in the first place. Also, before and after that, it was Curtis Magnum's cool name and strong leadership skills that held the group together when hunger or stress threatened to pull it apart.

Face it. Curtis Magnum is a tough guy. Quiet for a leader-type, but when he speaks, you listen- if you know what's good for you. He's also really good at making things out of leather and he's kind of scary in a wolf-man sort of way, especially when there's no drink to be had.

Devon Alito

Devon Alito- Tenor/Alto

Hey! Who's that sexy guy with the sexy hair and well trimmed beard? Who's that man with the graceful walk and the smile that says, "You're special?" Who is that man? That tall, sexy man? Why, it's the hunkstorm, Devon Alito!

That's right, Devon Alito. The lady's man. The S-E-X appeal to the Supreme Court of Loooove. But don't be fooled! He's more than just a pretty face with good grooming, he's the high note, the top attraction, the polyamor... Devon Alito!

Horseface Calhoun

Horseface Calhoun- Tenor

Back in the day, before we all took a chance, Horseface Calhoun had an idea.

"Hey guys!" young Horseface said, "Let's start a cult and show people the truth."

Well, "The Guys" didn't quite go for that, although some argue that his idea of doing something other than scrounging and stealing was in some ways the seed for Chance Encounter, if by "some" you mean Horseface, that is. If we were giving prizes, and we are, Horseface would get the award for most up-tight member of the group. Still, he's one of the brothers and sometimes has some good ideas; he's pretty smart.


Carl- Bass

Carl is a true brother... literally! He's Scoliosis' identical twin. You can tell them apart because Scoliosis wears a badge and Carl wears a vest. That's right, it's leather.

Like his brother, Carl is quiet and tough as nails. He's also really cool. So cool is Carl, that'd he'd seem unhuman if he weren't so casual about it. His sun-glasses do match his vest, but that's because they both happen to be black, not because he planned it or anything.


Wiener- Soprano

Wiener is an interesting case. Discovered by Curtis Magnum one fateful day shortly before the formation of Chance Encounter, Curtis brought him into the fold.

Wiener can't talk, twitches occasionally, and looks strange. Many don't know what to make of him. Still, his voice embodies the beauty of angels, if angels were vibrational rather than material as some theories suggest, and Curtis Magnum digs him, so he's in; you got that? Besides, he's a cute little guy, and that hat is adorable whether you like it or not.

The Brothers That Got Away

Not all of our crew felt like singing and dancing. Although we still share a common past, they took a separate path. They are still in our thoughts.

D'Wayne Cabbage

D'Wayne Cabbage

D'Wayne was a brother like no other. His light spirit and resourcefulness helped us get through many a rough night on the streets. Sadly, D'Wayne stayed on the criminal route when we took to singing. Sure the rest of us commit a crime here and there to get by until we make it big, but he's made troublemaking a way of life. Still, he's our brother and he deserves our respect.



Scoliosis is a true brother... literally! He's Carl's identical twin. You can tell them apart because Carl wears a vest and Scoliosis wears a badge. That's right, he's a cop.

Like his brother, Scoliosis is quiet and tough as nails. So far, we haven't had to have a run in with him in his new role as Johnny Law. Let's hope, for both of our sakes, that it stays that way.