Chance Encounter

The Band Kickin' Lyrics The Moves

The Story

There we were, babes in the woods. Only we were tougher than babies and the woods were treed with rusty steel. That's right, born and raised in the streets, that's us.

We weren't taken away to some pie-in-the-sky orphanage by no rich-face McGavin. No, we took care of ourselves. We took care of each other.

We scrounged for food.

We fought to survive.

We commited crimes. It was that, or death... or worse- spending another night trying to fall asleep to the sound of our own stomachs.

Then, we came up with a better idea. No longer would we fight, scrounge, and steal as our only means of survival. We would sing. Sing, dance, and entertain, and so we became....

Chance Encounter!