The Tablelands
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If one were to float in the air and face a certain direction, one would see The Tablelands laid resplendent below- its tome shaped environments mingling with the table's bare deep-wood surface. To the right, one would see The Shelves, towering, full of movement- some distant ant hill split in twain for some entomological astronomer. It is from this perspective- the inward looking ghost, that the following geographical distractions are made.

The Shelves

The Shelves is the nearest and only known city. Located to the right of The Tablelands, there is no known easy way to get to The Shelves from The Tablelands. The top half of The Shelves is generally lit up by some sort of electric light, and the bottom is for the most part dark.

Occasionally a visitor makes its way down from The Shelves to The Tablelands. The word is The Shelves are considerably calmer than The Tablelands. Purportedly there are no descending tomes to change the landscape and the populace lives in fixed dwellings.


To the left of The Tablelands is the mountain of tomes known as Winter's Mount. Separated from The Tablelands by a vast chasm, few have claimed to visit its heights. The fact that the mountain is made of tomes is a matter of interest and rumor to some. Hypotheses abound.

Beside Winter's Mount is The Great Shade, bringer and blocker of light. When the shade is up, there is light to see. When the shade is down, it is dark. When it's partway down, it's kind of light kind of dark.

The Node and other fictitious places

There are tales, lots of them, of a stable place above ground on The Tablelands. Called The Node, this stable place has never had a tome descend upon its grounds. Thus, the creatures there have built a city or an enclave or a castle that sits proudly upon The Tablelands. Strangely, when one looks out upon The Tablelands, no such structure can be seen. Some say it's invisible. Some say it's really really small. Others say it doesn't exist.

Beyond The Shelves it is said there is a massive purple cloud that people can swim around and fight monsters in. Flying metal beasts fly out this cloud on occasion and work their odd purposes out upon The Tablelands.

Beyond the cloud, it is said there is a Mysterious Curtain. The curtain is said to be akin to The Great Shade, but more extreme. When it is dark, this curtain is said to emit a sharp light on occasion. Like The Node, however, it has never been seen.