The Shelves
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The Government

The Basics of Government

-All laws are decided by the Eternal Emperor.

-The Eternal Emperor is the person who gets to sit on The Eternal Book-Stop Chair.

-A person is allowed to sit on The Eternal Book-Stop Chair if that person wins a majority of a sub-conscious vote of all persons located on The Shelves.

-To nominate someone for the sub-conscious vote, someone must tell whoever is sitting on The Eternal Book-Stop Chair that they wish to do so.

-It is ok to both vote for and nominate yourself.

W Hawk

The Eternal Emperor: W Hawk

The current Eternal Emperor, W Hawk, has very recently ascended the throne. His campaign, against perennial candidate Herben Fisher, was the first to utilize television and an intra-shelf public address system (which he still uses to speak to the public) rather than excessive interpersonal communication. The hallmark of his campaign, and what those in Herben's camp labeled "The Clincher," was his special guest appearance on the hit television show "Darren PD and the Firefighter."

Not much is known about W Hawk as of yet. He has been a shelf-dweller barely longer than he's been Eternal Emperor. He is quite handsome, and seems confident about his plans for the direction of The Shelves. However, no policies have yet been announced.


-It is not lawful to hurt someone, unless acting on behalf of the government.

-It is illeagal to take or damage people's things.

-Every purchase requires the purchasser to pay 15% of the cost of the good to the government.

-It is against the law to carry any item designed specifically for harming others, unless one is doing so on behalf of the government.

-Penalties for breaking the above laws shall be determined by The Eternal Emperor depending on the specifics of the case.

-The TSMP is responsible for enforcing the laws.