Secret Meals

"Savor The Mystery"

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Savor the magic.

We here at Secret Meals believe that there's magic in secrets. Our secret? Great service serving great meals, and that's no secret. The truth? Everything you see, from the so soft as to be unseen candles to the discrete drapes of deep blood magenta, is a secret that's passed from ear to ear until it creeps into your mouth when your eyes are preoccupied by the heat of the day, only to tickle your nose with a slow story better left unsaid. And that's our promise to you.

Uncover the flavor.

Have you ever been eating some meal or other, delicious or otherwise, and wondered, is this all there is? Of course, you were right. At Secret Meals, however, the first taste you taste, whether it be our original Palomialla Melanophoros or the almost mazelike arrangement of tables and tapestries, it will never be all there is. Like an onion wrapped in an enigma with an additional papery onion skin, each visit to Secret Meals is an adventure into the strange caverns of some foreign entity's intestinal tract, an exploration so rich and fulfilling, you'll never go away unsatisfied.

Savor the Mystery

The secret is out! We are somehow delighted you believe you are prepared to join our team. Forever you are invited to savor the mystery. Welcome to Secret Meals!