"Savor The Mystery"

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Waiter - Secret Server M

Poof! He's there with your order. Just as quickly, he is gone. Secret Server M is the perfect waiter- fast, graceful, and silent. Customers are advised by the menu that, when he appears, simply to tell him what they want. There will be no questions.

When he is not delivering dishes between Blatt or Blatt Blatt and the tables, he busies himself spying on customers- the better to anticipate their needs and assisting Chef Piepin with food preparation. He is always in motion, no pause needed to decypher Chef Piepin's culinary needs, he simply does.

Action? Secret Server M! Excitement? Secret Server M! Kinetic Mystery? Secret Server M! Incredible service? You got it.

Chef - Chef Piepin

Chef Piepin lives up to his name. He is truly a chef. According to The Portable Bulletin Updated Fact Sheet's restaurant critic, Gee Trevlovich, he is quite possibly the best cook in both The Shelves and the entire The Tablelands!

Like his co-workers Secret Server M, Blatt, and Blatt Blatt, Chef Piepin says nothing. When he is not cooking or mixing mean cock-tails, he is sweeping the floor in the kitchen and around the restaurant. As it is not part of his job description, perhaps he enjoys watching the customers enjoy his efforts.

Manager - Brenda Bobyk

The gorgeous Brenda Bobyk is full of B's- brains, beauty, and the business acumen to run a successful restaurant. She always has on her make-up, making her one glamorous woman, in a businessy way. She may brush her hair or her teeth, remove the stains from her clothes; these things she does in private. No one sees it happen, but the results are... perfection. Maybe a little too much perfection. Brenda is often like a compressed spring, throbbing near its fully compressed point, never fully compacted and never allowed to unleash its stored force. Instead, she harnesses this pulsating energy with her keen intellect do everything- quality control, efficiency management, name it.

Owner - Carlito Cienfuegos

Carlos brings the excitement of the Caribbean islands to his customers and to his staff. The atmosphere is always lively and the food authentic Cuban...there is a line out the door to get Carlos' mojitos and ropa vieja on the weekends. Previous employees have said "it's amazing that he has to pay us...this does not feel like coming to work, it feels like coming to a party." If you have a doubt come to Carlos' to fill out an employment application, have a mojito, and feel the island vida (offer good for one drink only per applicant).

Disher/Busser/Food Runner - Blatt and Blatt Blatt

Blatt and Blatt Blatt are identical twins! One stays in the kitchen, the other in the middle of the restaurant's maze-like seating arrangement. When an order is ready in it goes into the mouth-like aperture in the kitchen Blatt's tummy. In the same instant, out it comes from the other Blatt Blatt's belly slot- food intact.

Similarly, after a meal is thoroughly enjoyed, the dirty dishes are inserted into the restaurant located Blatt Blatt. When the dishes appear out of Blatt's stomach slit, they are all clean! It is thought that this is the way the Blatts feed as they've not been seen eating any other time.

Blatt and Blatt Blatt are mute save for the tell-tale "Blatt" that accompanies their inter-belly transportations.