Winter's Mount

Welcome to Winter's Mount! Winter's Mount, as you have seen, is a large mountain composed of books. Its residents enjoy an idyllic life perched safely upon the mountain's lap; a life many of the mountain folk spend pursuing peaceful self-improvement and caring for each other. Please, enjoy your stay!

Fairly Recent Timeline of Events Occuring At Winter's Mount

-Thesala Fallbranch departs in search of enlightenment from the outside world.

-A strange man with a small head arrives from the sky, speaks to Mike, and then leaves.

-Time passes. Thesala does not return. Mike Winter spends more and more time alone on the mountain. Ted Summers spends his time exploring the Tablelands in search of Thesala. Marcus Springberry discovers he can wiggle into the mountain's books.

-Kleinfelter arrives from the Tablelands and starts a garden.

-Ted Summers brings home a friend, Walter. Walter has an injured leg, but Kleinfelter nurses him back to full health.

-Ted Summers and Walter make frequent trips to The Tablelands. Marion spends more and more of his time inside a book. Kleinfelter's garden is doing well.

-Walter returns one day without Ted. Walter claims to have lost Ted in a network of caves in the Tablelands.

-Ted Summers has yet to return.

-Marion Springberry and Walter left to go find Ted Summers.

Residents of Winter's Mount

Mike Winter

Old Man Mike Winter, sits upon the peak of the mountain that boasts his name. What is he thinking up there? Does he still strive for inner perfection? Or is he simply getting older, pining away for the love that has left him? No one can say for sure, and Mike's not telling. He's not been saying much of anything lately, since Thesala went away. Instead he just sits, staring at that inexplicable orb; sometimes eating what Kleinfelter brings him, sometimes not.

Ted Summers

Defiant, daring, able, and full of pride, these words describe the man that is Ted Summers. Ted mirrors his mother's boisterousness, but without the temperance and sense of purpose she seemed to exibit. But what he reflected, he did so 100 fold. Ted Summers was always up for a challenge and the Tablelands were always there to provide him just that. He has always returned intact with stories aplenty of his amazing exploits. That is, until recently. Ted has purportedly disappeared in the wilds of the tablelands. Will he again follow in his mother's footsteps and never return?

Marion Springberry

Oh Marion, young Marion, oh whimsical boy! Dancing on daffodils, the world is your toy! But what do you play with, alone in the stacks? Gone so far in the books, is there a way back? Ta ta now, ah ha! Now, what have you learned? Discovered you fire? Best not get burned! Oh Marion, young Marion, your mother is gone. Read then, and sleep then, and try to move on.


Barbarian of the Tablelands, Walter had found peace in the shadow of Winter's Mount. A place to rest, a place to call home, a place where one need not fear the sounds of the night; those sounds are friends. But now, his best friend, Ted Summers has disappeared, supposedly out from under his nose. What peace can there be now for Walter when he, more than anyone else, knows what his friend must contend with out in the wild? What peace can there be when only he can accurately guess what is making those sounds now that his friend is silent.


Kleinfelter couldn't have picked a better time to arrive at Winter's Mount. Her tender ministrations, warm demeanor, and soft shaggy fur did much to make the Mount's residents nearly whole after their grave loss. Kleinfelter tends the Mount's garden. In fact, the only time Mike Winter came down from his perch was to teach her how. And she was an able learner- as though born to it. Was that a smile on his face as he reascended the peak? Whether it was or not, all seem grateful to Kleinfelter and all that she has brought with her from the Tablelands.